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The Best of Edgar Kaplan
256 pages; Hardcover.
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Edgar Kaplan was the publisher and editor of The Bridge World for more than 30 years. This book celebrates his many significant contributions to the game and its literature: the revolution in table behavior, the switch to truth and completeness in tournament reporting, the principles that underlie the Kaplan-Sheinwold system, winning at-the-table philosophies, witty observations on the game and the people who play it. The articles and stories are intertwined with lots of great deals, and this book is packed with outstanding, entertaining material on many facets of the game.

This deal is from the oldest continuous event in the game's history: the battle of the sexes.

NORTH S 5 4 H K J 3 D 10 7 4 C A J 9 8 6
WEST S K Q 10 9 3 2 H 10 2 D 6 5 2 C Q 4 EAST S A 8 7 H 9 8 7 D K J 9 8 C 7 3 2
SOUTH S J 6 H A Q 6 5 4 D A Q 3 C K 10 5

1 NT Pass 3 NT (All Pass)

Kaplan, West, led the queen of spades, asking his partner to drop the jack. But his wife, Betty, East, placed South with the king of spades. Fearing that declarer could take nine tricks once given the lead, she took the first trick with the ace of spades and shifted expertly to the jack of diamonds--the correct card to lead to neutralize both declarer's queen and dummy's ten when West has the ace.

Declarer missed the inference available from East's line of defense. She went up with the ace of diamonds, ran hearts, and, placing club length to her right, finessed against East for the queen of clubs. West's spades gained new life, and the contract was defeated.

Each husband, West and North, was unhappy with his wife's play. North remonstrated, but the Kaplans had arranged a secret code to enable civil post-mortem conversations, so Edgar was able to question East's defense by saying, "It was very attractive to switch to diamonds, dear."

"See!" said South to her husband, "She makes the wrong play, and listen to what he says to her!"

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