Позволю себе опубликовать выдержки из нашей переписки с бриджистами из Кейптауна.

My husband and I will be travelling through Russia from June/August and would love to play some bridge and meet up with local people.

Please can you put me in touch with them if possible.

I live in Cape Town South Africa

We would like to visit Moscow, St Petersburg and any others.
We would like to spend 2-3 weeks in Russia, enjoying meeting locals and playing bridge if possible.

Do you know any familites who could host us?
We are a retired couple from Cape Town, South africa play bridge intermediate- advanced level, we are members of the Lion's club and do a lot of charity work.

We would be happy to pay for our accommodation, but most importantly would like to meet and spend time with locals.
We will pay for our stay and also enjoy lots of bridge.

Kirn & Vip Jethwa

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