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Vosmoj bridzovij turnir "Riga Invites to Jurmala" nachinajetsa sevodnja s Invitational pairs. Vsja informacija na saite www.rigainvites.lv
Sevodneishaja igra budet pokazivatsa na TV - http://sportacentrs.com/sportacentrs_tv/li...ga_invites_2014.
Nachalo v 19.00 po Moskovskomu vremenji.
Neimanis – Geste wins the Invitational pairs

Yesterday evening Janis Neimanis together with Andis Geste from the Latvia won the Invitational pairs tournament in Jurmala, Latvia.

24 pairs played 7 rounds (4 boards in the round) and at the last round Neimanis-Geste were playing against Swedish pair Marten Gustawsson and Gunnar Andersson. The result of the tournament was manly decided on board No 27:

    DLR: S      VUL: None
  A7          Q862
  KQ8          109532
  10984          Q53
  K732          9

East    South    West    North
Gustawsson    Geste    Andersson    Neimanis

-    1♣    double    redouble
1♥    2♣    pass    3NT
All pass

West made a light take-out double and Geste chose to bid his clubs (1♣ could be short) on the second round of bidding, after which Neimanis jumped to 3NT. Now Marten has to choose what to lead: small heart from his longest suit, or small spade from his strongest suit. After heart lead defenders have a chance: declarer has to duck two hearts, and then West can switch to diamonds and they have time to take 5 tricks. After spade lead declarer has tempo to develop 9 tricks before defenders can get five. Unfortunatly for Swedish supporters, Marten chose to lead a spade and Neimanis made nine tricks. 3NT making gave 8 IMPs for the winners, leading a small heart and switching to diamonds, would be enough for Gustawsson-Andersson to win the tournament.

Neimanis-Geste won the event with 53 IMP, followed by Vadim Kholomeev - Ivan Semenov (Russia) with 40 IMPs and Gustawsson-Andersson were third with 37 IMPs. All details and results you can find at www.rigainvites.lv.
Finland wins the Open teams tournament

26 teams participated in the Open teams tournament during “Riga Invites to Jūrmala” festival. After 9 Swiss rounds Latvian-Estonian-Russian team Rigainvites.lv (K.Rubins, M.Romanovska, M.Tenn and D.Prokhorov) lead the field and could pick the opponent for the semi-final match. They could choose from team Klio (J.Alfejeva, S.Birins, M.Lebedeva and I.Khazanov), team Aris (A.Muhortov, V.Makarov, S.Vaganov and A.Tatarkin) and team Finland (K.Koistinen, S.Niemi, O.Parviainen and L.Utter), who grabbed last semi-final place in the last boards of elimination. Rigainvites.lv picked Finland and it was very unlucky pick for them: Finland won the 12 board semi-final by 29:25, meanwhile Klio won the second semi-final with 46:12. In the play-off for the 3rd place the winner was decided in the last board - team Aris overbid to the slam and went two down, giving the victory to Rigainvites.lv by 16:10. In the final Finland was better by 33:9.

The festival continues with Open pairs - 65 pairs will play 3 session event. All the details at www.rigainvites.lv.
Kowalski-Russyan wins Riga Invites to Jurmala Open pairs

After 5 days of bridge, the 8th bridge tournament “Riga Invites to Jūrmala” finished with Open pairs tournament. 63 pairs played 3 session tournament, 24 boards each session. Winners with 59,93 % were polish grand masters Apolinary Kowalski and Jerzy Russyan, second place went to Karlis Rubins and Dmitrij Prokhorov (Latvia-Russia), who finished with 59,14 %, 3rd place goes to one more Latvian-Russian pair Juris Balasovs and Pavel Goverov with 57,99%. Best Latvian pair Ugis Jansons and Aigars Germanis finished in the 4th place, but Sharon Hammer and Edu Piza from Costa Rica had a huge 3rd session (67,02%) and they finished in 5th place.

All details and results you can find at www.rigainvites.lv.

Pictures from the Invitational tournament: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.7...0916&type=1

Other pictures will be posted soon.
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