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13th International bridge festival “Riga Invites to Jurmala 2019” will be held from 14th till 18th August in Jurmala, Latvia.

The tournament will be played in 3 categories: Invitational pairs (14.08.), Open teams (15.-16.08.) and Open pairs (17.-18.08.) Players from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Costa Rica, Israel, Denmark, Scotland, Brazil, Spain and Russia, will take part in the festival. 26 teams and 57 pairs have made registration until now.

Tournament will be broadcasted on BBO, live video stream from the Invitational pairs and Open teams semi-finals and finals will be on Riga Invites facebook page www.facebook.com/bridgetournament, as well as live youtube commentary (in Russian) will be published here on Friday https://youtu.be/DQx5JMV7fxo.

Tournament is organized by Bridge Support Foundation, tournament is supported by Latvian Bridge federation, Klio Group, Akvedukts and Bridgescanner.

All the information and the results on www.rigainvites.lv.

Diāna Kampara
Matushko - Krasnosselski wins the Invitational pairs

Wednesday evening Georgi Matushko together with Mikhael Krasnosselski from Russia won the Invitational pairs tournament in Jurmala, Latvia.

24 pairs played 7 rounds (4 boards in the round) and Russians with 72 IMPs were the best, second place went to Swedish-Danish combination of Peter Fredin and Henning Ostergaard with 47 IMPs and the 3rd place went to Latvian-German pair Janis Ilzins and Thomas Gotard with 37 IMPs.

Before the last round Russians were just 4 IMPs ahead of Jelena Alfejeva and Karlis Rubins from Latvia. Huge victory in last round was won in two boards: at first Latvians reached 6 which was down one on 4-1 trump distribution, two boards later Matushko found the defense of the year:

DLR: S VUL: None

icon_spades.gif Д7
icon_hearts.gif 106
icon_diamonds.gif ТД1062
icon_clubs.gif 10986
Запад Восток
icon_spades.gif КВ64 icon_spades.gif Т9852
icon_hearts.gif 932 . icon_hearts.gif КВ874
icon_diamonds.gif К107 icon_diamonds.gif 4
icon_clubs.gif ТКВ icon_clubs.gif 52
icon_spades.gif 103
icon_hearts.gif ТД5
icon_diamonds.gif В853
icon_clubs.gif Д743

Bidding was easy: Rubins, sitting West, opened 1NT in the second seat, Alfejeva bid 4♣, showing both majors and Karlis ended playing 4. Matushko found the lead of A, took the trick and played a heart. Krasnosselski took heart queen and ace and gave a heart ruff – that was the setting trick and 10 IMPs for the Russian pair.

Today Riga Invites to Jurmala continues with Open teams tournament. 26 teams fight for 4 places in the semi-final. Today and tomorrow teams will play 9 qualification rounds, semi-finals and finals will be played later in the Friday evening. You can see the finals on BBO at 18.00. All detailed information on www.rigainvites.lv.

Diāna Kampara
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